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I interviewed my mother about her personal life, asking questions about her childhood and the people in her life that she loves.

Mom and Dads Wedding Interview

This is an interview of my parents in which we talk about their wedding and their honeymoon in South Africa.

Taking a walk through time

An interview with my Mother, Julie Bolton Williams, on January 1st 2020, at our home in Fort Mill, South Carolina. My Mother has brown hair with blue eyes. She was born in South Africa and has a English culture. She...

Interview with my mom

We mostly just talked about my moms childhood and then I asked a few questions about her and my dads wedding day. I also asked a few questions about her inspirations and motivations.

interview with my stepdad

a short but cute interview with him! we don’t talk about things like this much

Love: My Dads Perspective

I asked my dad a series of questions about his relationship with my mom like how they met, their first date, and how he proposed.

Leo and Ingrid Stadnick, celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Ingrid was born in Germany during World War 2 and remembers her parents as smart and hardworking. Leo's parents were forced to flee Russia in fear of the government and Leo was born on the border of China and Russia,...