Interview with my step-dad

this was in interview between me and my step dad. talking about his past and things he wants left behind. such as his legacy.

Interviewing My Dad

My Dad (Ross) talks with me (Luke) about his life experiences, going from his childhood to now. He talks about school, his family, jobs, and how he met my Mom. He also touches on some future plans he has.

Interview Between Jennifer Brock née Bittick and Jordan Brock on The Changes in Weddings Over a Thirty Year Span of Time
December 14, 2022 App Interview

a discussion between Jennifer Brock(49) and Jordan Brock(18) about the changes in wedding traditions between 1992 when Jennifer was married and 2022 when Jaycee Grissen(22), Jennifer’s daughter, and Jordan’s sister, was married.

Interview with Ms. Handkins

I interviewed Ms. Bridget Handkins, head of the Arts Department and Booth Management Team at West Clermont High School. We talked about everything from teaching during covid to how she proposed to her fiancé.

A conversation with my 18 year-old long term best friend, Isabel

We talked about childhood events that shaped us into who we are and our friend group that stemmed from our family relationships (our parents).

lea and rissa

a mother and daughter interview, that discusses childhood, relationships, and grandma dorthy.

Interview with my grandma

Listen to me snd my grandma talk about her children,wedding,childhood

Kris Gibbons interviews her Grandmother about growing up in the 1960’s.

Kris Gibbons (19), a student at Eastern Michigan University, interviews her stepfather’s mother, Cindy Reed (75). Mrs. Reed talks about graduating high school in 1964 and working in a new industry- computers. She also discusses how growing up in several...

Aisha Ayloush discusses with her grandma Ghaida Ayloush about her life growing up.

This is Ghaida Ayloush. She is my teyta which means grandmother in Arabic. As her granddaughter I got to interview her and learn about her life and experiences she went through growing up. We had a good conversation towards each...