Arrah Karigan: Meditation Coach
April 30, 2024 App Interview

Arrah Karigan is a meditation coach who works in corporate and individual Wellness including yoga. She believes peace and ease are our intended states in a busy and anxious world.

Lena Richardson and Alena Fields

Friends Lena Richardson (36) and Alena Fields (45) discuss their work promoting health and wellness in Louisiana, as well as the rich culture of food that can make healthy eating difficult. Lena and Alena share their journeys in this field...

Courtney McSpadden and Zackery Keys

Courtney McSpadden [no age given] talks with Zackary Keys [no age given] about Courtney Creative Chess Club and the programs he runs to encourage learning, self-expression, and access in his community.

Nicole Cromwell

Nicole Cromwell [no age given] reflects on her experience caring for a young woman and the connection she had with her patient's family. She speaks about her dual career as a nurse and artist and how both roles have sustained...

Heather Hartman-Hall and Daniel Marchalik

Colleagues Heather Hartman-Hall (50) and Daniel "Dan" Marchalik (37) reflect on their paths to their current careers, their work on well-being in health care, and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Philip Georgy and Andrew Moore

Philip Georgy (66) speaks with Andrew Moore (31) about the impact Dr. Moore had on his care and shared his profound gratitude for a renewed sense of life.

Marsy y Alba, DC public charter school teachers, on wellness.

Estan discutiendo bienestar y cultura en LAMB-PCS, una escuela bilingue en Washington, DC. Marsy and Alba speak in Spanish about their efforts to remain centered amidst crisis, and the need for teacher wellness.

Anna F and Eric Nashbar

One Small Step partners Anna F (26) and Eric Nashbar (54) discuss their upbringing, their thoughts on work culture, and their religious identities.

Allison Tant and Courtney Atkins

Longtime friends Allison Tant [no age given] and Courtney Atkins [no age given] sit down for a conversation about their advocacy work, their parents, their children, and the strong women who inspired them to become the community leaders they are...

Madeline Murphy Rabb and Andrew Walker

Friends and colleagues Andrew Walker (52) interviews Madeline Murphy Rabb (76) about her passion for swimming and the National Association of Senior Games where Ms. Murphy Rabb recently took home four gold medals.