Jenesi and Harrison's Interview

I interviewed my best friend Harrison, 19 years old, he is a Native American from the Cherokee tribe. I asked him questions about kind people he’s met, if he has any regrets, and he expresses his desire to follow and...

My Mom

Short interview I conducted with my Mom Kathy Taylor about her life, and memories.

StoryCorps Assignment

I, Chloe Glemba (23), sat down with my sister Phoebe Glemba (26) to discuss her upbringing in a large Christian family.

Religion, Sexuality, and my Mom.

This is a conversation about my mom(April Hammonds), her religious views, and having a gay son. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and recorded by me, Anthony Lanci, the gay son.

Mike Larson and Tom Morse

One Small Step partners Mike Larson (64) and Tom Morse (37) talk about the uniqueness of the community on Minnesota's North Shore and the importance of being an active and engaged community member.

Dean Berglund and Mary Somnis

One Small Step conversation partners Dean Berglund (60) and Mary Somnis (67) talk about socialism, capitalism, use of the social safety net at different points in their lives, and their love of the North Shore.

Beryl Goto and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber (65) interviews her friend Beryl Goto (75) about her journey to the United States from London, her life and time in Quincy, Washington, and her experiences as a flight attendant and hospice therapist.