Sally Kirkpatrick and Alivia Moore

One Small Step conversation partners Alivia Moore (36) and Sally Kirkpatrick (63) talk about religion, parenting, sexuality, faith, white supremacy, settler colonialism, indigeneity, food sovereignty, and rematriation.

Darron Patterson and Franchesca Peña

Franchesca Peña [no age given] interviews her conversation partner Darron Patterson (71) about the history of Africatown and the Clotilda ship, his own family history, and the importance of challenging racist ideologies.

Lisa Dorner and Tiffany Robertson

Friends Lisa Dorner (51) and Tiffany Robertson (49) reflect on how race, gentrification, and police brutality have influenced their Shaw neighborhood community in St. Louis, Missouri.

Antidotes to White Fragility: Rascal Roubos, Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva

Rascal Roubos, author the Social Work Master's thesis "Antidotes to White Fragility" reflects with collaborators Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva of White Noise Collective on the creation of the popular and transformative somatic Antidotes curriculum.

White Noise Collective reflections Part 2: Toran Ailisheva and Zara Zimbardo

Toran Ailisheva and Zara Zimbardo, founders and core members of The White Noise Collective, talk about anti-racist ancestors, treasured memories of a decade spent in this work together, and wishes for how it may ripple out.

Lesley Wheeler and Edward Hall

Edward Hall (59) talks with his friend Lesley Wheeler (53) about her new novel, her writing, and the uncanny in life.

Betsy Hodges and Maureen Sigauke

Betsy Hodges (51) speaks with friend and colleague Maureen Sigauke (36) about their work fighting for marginalized communities and against racism.