Interview with Mom

We discussed her life growing up in L.A. and her family, as well as political views and protesting. She talked about her wishes for future generations of our family and I, and how she wants to be remembered.

Christopher Adler with his daughter discussing military and life.

In this interview, in the quite home in mckinney Texas on November 25, 2018, christopher Adler and his daughter explore what journeys in Chris’s life are most important to him and his family. As the story progresses we found out...

Moment with Mom

We talked about who my Mom is and who she thinks I am, her childhood, and lessons learned.

Rea’zen Chatman interviews her mother (Ebony Freeman) and her cousin (Kimberly Freeman) about their childhoods.

In this interview, created on January 8, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri, Rea’zen Chatman (16) interviews her mother, Ebony Freeman (38) and her cousin, Kimberly Freeman (38) about their childhood, grandparents, and challenges. They both talk about their grandmother and...

Adrea interviews Juanita

Adrea asks Juanita questions about her past and future wishes.

Memories, Regrets, Future

Amanda Lucero talks about her favorite memory of me, what she wants to be remembered as. Also her wished for my future and her regrets

Interview with Angelica Ruiz as she talks about her husband and kids

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Palmdale, California Angelica Ruiz talked about how she met my dad. Also about what it was like having me, how I’ve changed her and what she’d do differently.


We talked about some happy and not so happy times in my life.

Mercedes Muniz senior at Morton East High School and her mom Maria Rangel talk about what is like to be a mom.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Mercedes Muniz (17) interviews her mom Maria Rangel (40) about what is like to be a mom. Ms. Rangel gives her daughter advices on how to be a good mother...