Women attire in Ulithi

The interviewee is Rita Harugudoh(74), and I am Priscilla Lemalweg (48). She is the former Principal of our elementary school and my aunty. We discussed about the different attires worn by Ulithian women by different age groups.

“Not running with the crowd…”

Ethan Forman(16) talks with his Grams, Tema Steel(75) at her successful business, Steele Financial Solutions in Cherry Hill,NJ. They talk about her struggle as a woman entrepreneur in the late 70’s-Early 80’s and her sacrifice for her family. She is...

Ree Ann Stepp and Lori Izykowski

One Small Step conversation partners Ree Ann Steep (71) and Lori Izykowski (63) discussed about politics.

Kasey Madden and Brian McGill

Kasey Madden (35) and Brian McGill (50) find commonality from opposite coasts, sharing similar feelings on being raised Catholic and moving away from organized religion, community service, worries about societal and political divisiveness, safety for women and trans people and...

Conversation with Lidieth Hart

A conversation between Ricardo Mendoza (25) and Lidieth Hart (70) about how society views women from birth to old age. She shares her experiences with me and talks of how she feels about life as a woman. Lidieth describes how...

Sharing Sharon

Tammy Reynolds: 2023-06-13 22:42:05 In this interview, Eastern Michigan University student Tammy Reynolds interviews her grandmother Sharon Reynolds to learn what her life as a young girl was like in the 1950s, 60s, etc. This was done as an assignment...

Katherine Lovelace

interview with Katherine Lovelace (81/F) about how gender roles were introduced to her through childhood, as well how she's been treating as an older adult.

Travis Tavana’s Practice Interview Assignment

In this test recording, Travis Tavana, a student at the University of Eastern Michigan, located in Ypsilanti, MI, recorded a practice recording to prepare for his upcoming interview in June of 2023. Travis is a dual-majoring student of criminology and...