Melva Estrada and Christina Juarez

Melva "Denise" Estrada (51) speaks with her friend Christina Juarez (41) about her experiences in the Army and as a veteran.

Angela Meyers and Allison Cleveland

Allison Leigh Cleveland (61) tells her colleague Angela Meyers (42) about her experiences in the army during the Cold War doing military intelligence and guard duty in Germany. She also describes witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall on her...

Wendy Borges and Andrew Perkel

One Small Step partners Wendy Borges [no age given] and Andrew Perkel (61) reminisce over their military experiences, discuss various political topics, and acknowledge those who have greatly influenced them.

Julia Ehrhardt and Janis Hernandez

Julia Ehrhardt (53) and One Small Step partner Janis Hernandez [no age given] discuss women's issues, racism, and their personal political values.

Allison Butts and Diane Langham-Butts

Diane Langham-Butts (75) interviews her daughter, Allison Butts (40), about her experience as a woman in the Army and her military service and accomplishments.

Bob Hope Village Woman Vet Joanne Blackwell
February 25, 2022 App Interview

Interview with Joanne Blackwell when she was in the Air Force from 1951 to 1953. Joanne was a teletype operator. She received her training at F. E. Warren, Wyoming. Then was assigned to Maxwell AFB, AL and transferred to Hickam...