Elizabeth Mosher and Erica Lee

One Small Step partners Elizabeth Mosher (57) and Erica Lee (57) have a conversation about being passionate about holding politicians accountable to their word, their kind husbands, and the confidence required to be a women in the workplace.

Laura Keadle and Kathleen Peake

One Small Step conversation partners Laura Keadle (64) and Kathleen Peake (65) talk about their shared sense of adventure, rebelling against spaces that do not traditionally welcome women, and desiring civility in political discussions.

Kathia Gonzalez and Rocio Ronquillo

Friends and colleagues Kathia Gonzalez (28) and Rocio Ronquillo (30) reflect on their experiences as Latinas in the conservation world and discuss the importance of representation and urban conservation.

Katherine Galvin and Pat Walsh, talking about Pat's life at her final Thanksgiving family reunion.

This is an interview of my Aunt Pat, who was 92 years of age when the interview was conducted in November 2019. The interview was done at the final family reunion that Aunt Pat attended, which were events that were...

Nell Schneider #3, 7/12/21

Nell Schneider (6/18/1930-) talks with her grandson, Matthew Harrison, and her daughter (Matthew's mother), Sue Harrison, at her Glendale Wisconsin home. During this interview, Nell discusses her graduation from high school, taking and teaching college courses at the University of...

Carol Cradick and Clementine "Mimi" Cradick

Clementine "Mimi" Cradick [no age given] talks with her grandmother, Carol Cradick (78), about the things they like to do together, as well as, some ways life is different now from when Carol was younger.


Catalina habla con su mama sobre las vueltas de la vida y como empiezo a soldar

Morgan and Jennifer Jackson

I interviewed my mom, Jennifer Jackson, for this assignment. We started out talking about why she chose her career of hotel management and moved into obstacles she faced from a lifelong struggle with Lymes disease, getting and beating cancer, and...

Jewel Peyton and Lisa Forsythe

Friends Jewel Peyton (91) and Lisa Forsythe (56) talk about the history of Silicon Valley and how it was formerly known as The Valley of Heart's Delight. Jewel shares stories of her family, their move from New York to California...