Landen and Jean – 12/08/23

Jean Urkoski, 72 year old female from Columbus, Nebraska. Talking about the growth of women’s rights through her eyes as well as the growth she’s seen throughout her children’s lives.

Reese Williams and Miesha Vargas

One Small Step conversation partners Reese Williams (49) and Miesha Vargas (37) have a conversation about the issue of social disconnect and religion/ spirituality.

Samyuktha Mahadevan and Preetima Moteea

[Recorded Monday, July 17, 2023] Samyuktha (25) and Preetima (25) have a One Small Conversation in Charlottesville. Samyuktha is Programs Manager at the Karsh Institute of Democracy and has experience in politics, campaigning, and grassroots organizing. Preetima has 5+ years’...

Mary Coker and Margaret Coker

Margaret Coker (no age given) asks her mother, Mary Coker (78), about her time serving in the Vietnam War. Both participants focus on Mary's experience being a woman in the military and how Mary's story has inspired others.

Interview With My Grandma

My Grandma (Patricia Kebbekus) and I talk about her time in the army as well as her life as a child and how she met my Grandpa.

The Fight For Women’s Rights

Growing up during the fight for women’s rights.