Steve Maggs and Barbara Lyon

Life partners Barbara Lyon (72) asks Steve Maggs (62) about his experience being a student in the Boston public school desegregation efforts.

My Dad, Robert Loureiro

I (Macey Loureiro, age 30) am interviewing my father (Robert Loureiro, age 59) about his current occupation, a principal software engineer. However, he enjoys his hobby of crafting and fixing home furnishings.

Connie Long, Tim Long, and Claire Coté

Claire Coté (41) interviews her parents Connie Long (72) and Tim Long (71) about the life they have built together in Northern New Mexico.

Maureen Haley and Chris Goode

Colleagues Maureen Haley (57) and Chris Goode (56) talk about their work with Decatur Makers, which is a maker space they helped create in Decatur, GA.

Andrew Burdick interviews Dave West #4 (20200808) Young Adulthood – Mentors, Growth, and Early Jobs

Andrew Burdick and Dave West in their fourth Storycorps Connect interview. We start by talking about influential teachers and what they meant in Dave's life. Then we continue to cover Dave's various apprentice roles as well as what he studied...

What does my husband do?

My husband has a hobby that he wants to turn into a career

Tom Kearns and Emily Kearns

Tom Kearns (68) tells his daughter Emily Kearns (33) about his career as a carpenter and furniture maker, working for Ford Motor Company, living in Detroit after the 1967 rebellion, and his experience as a father.