Frank talks about life and management

Frank is a straight forward man from a Christian background who lives by the rules. In this interview we get a look into his life to explain why he is the way he is

TCC interview
September 12, 2023 App Interview

This is for Cierra Rodriguez. She is my wife. This is about her work.

Recording – 09-11-2023 23:37:18
September 12, 2023 App Interview

Interview is by Jack Jones for Cierra Rodriguez. Cierra is Jack's wife. They discussed her current employer, goals, and how she wants to be remembered.

Juan’s interviews Jesus

Juan is an 18 year old senior who interviews Jesus a 16 year old senior. Juan talks about rough parts throughout life and how I overcome them.

Recording – 07-08-2023 21:32:01 Berta Strout

Gavin Strout (15) interviewed Berta Strout (80) about her past and present.

Karen Fleming and Judy Schweitzer

Karen Fleming (68) and Judy Schweitzer (68) come together at the Meadows Park Community Center to talk about the people in their lives that have influenced them the most. They reflect on their loved ones both alive and passed, the...

Moni Hernandez and Evelyn Strom

Friends and fellow entrepreneurs Moni Hernandez [no age given] and Evelyn Strom [no age given] share a conversation about their life paths, Latino culture and community in Colorado, and how they serve those around them.