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the work experiences and hardships associated with them, the success that comes with hard work.

October 12, 2018
Abraham Guzman and John Torres Jr.

John Torres Sr. grew up in the Bronx and fell in love with Lucha Libre, the freestyle wrestling popular in Mexico. He found fellow enthusiasts at the Bronx Wrestling Federation, where a motley crew of men — plumbers, lawyers and...

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jorge rios 2

we spoke about work

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How a asset helped me through a challenge

I summarize my challenges working at mcdonalds and how grit helps me

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Oral Comm. Homework

My disciplined work habits helped me to leave work earlier.

Lauren frederick and justa ordoñez talk about the journey to the u.s

In this interview conducted of September 2018 in Bronx Ny Lauren Frederick interviewed her mother justa ordoñez about her experiences growing up and coming to this country. She shares stories about school, dreams, expectations and how it was raising children....

September 29, 2018 app
“I proposed with a french fry at McDonald’s.”

I interview my Dad about various times in his life, and what experiences he’s had. Seriousness and hilarity ensues as my Mom joins as well. We talk about his childhood, how he met my mother, and his various jobs.

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The journey

My mother has been through a lot with migrating to this country and raising five kids

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Alexis the interviewer

Alexis asked Mia life questions.