The Memories of an Immigrant Mother

My mother and I discuss the part of her life we’re she lived as a permanent US resident.

Social media through the generational divide.

Alyssa Roberts spoke with her son Justyn Bozek regarding the workplace and travel as they have progressed with the digital age. How her safety has been impacted and how interaction with family and businesses have been influenced.

Meet my strong amazing mom

Meet my mom Amber cruz as she talks about what hobbies , her past struggles, and what overall keeps her going in life.


We talked about his life and all about him. We started off with where he was born and ended on memories about my mother.

Memories of a mere copy

Sharia talks about family, work, and looks back on her life as it is with her daughter Sabrina.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

She is my mother, I chose her because she is a great person and has a lot of interesting stories, I personally think the interview went great. This process went smoothly but it could’ve been improved by possibly getting it...

Interview of my grandpa

We talked about what life was like when he grew up on a farm raising cattle and animals

Life of My Mom

I interviewed my mom. She is 37 years old. We interviewed in flint michigan. This interview was about her life overall and her work life. I asked a lot of questions. She even figured some stuff out she didn’t know....

Family Interview

Overall this was a emotional interview for my dad. As I was talking to him about his childhood he started to tear up remembering his life in the past.