Mi Tía Patricia

Esta intrevista demuestra algunos momentos importantes de la vida de mi tía Patricia 🙂 también consiste en algunos consejos para mi, su sobrina.

What I do for a living

This is about what I’m currently doing for work and how I got there.

Otto’s Interview

This here is my grandpa and simple questions of his life and careers and what it has been to be part of our family

Rhonda Speaks About her Teenage Years

Rhonda Morgan talks about her childhood life, her parents, and her teenage years. She also explains the lessons she learned over the years especially from her work experience.

Life As It Goes, Anisha Kumar having a conversation with her mother

Anisha Kumar (15) interviews her mom, Alka Kumar (45) in Swartz Creek, Michigan in November of 2018. Ms.Kumar talks about growing up with not much and being in a community, in which having darker skin singles you out. She also...


This interview is about my moms transition from the Philippines to the United States. She spoke about her struggles, enjoyments, and work life when she first came to the United States.

Life In A New World

In this interview, conducted December 2017 in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kelly Giang (15) and her mother Dinh Giang (37) talks about her experiences coming to America from Vietnam and how felt coming to a “new world.” Dinh reflects on what...

Blakemore- My father

This was an assignment for my English class but I ended up learning a lot about my Dad’s life.