Sydney Allen and Terry Allen, her grandfather, discuss history and personal advice in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this interview, made in November 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Sydney Allen (17) interviews her grandfather, Terry Allen (73), about his experiences teaching history and personal life tips/lessons. Terry Allen shares why he loved to teach and his favorite events...

Loren Johnston and Julia Kirschenbaum

Loren Johnston (73) is interviewed by StoryCorps Facilitator, Julia Kirschenbaum (25), to tell about the lives of his father and mother. Loren's words are meant to serve a as a proper memorial to his father, Byron Frank Johnston, a mortician...

Dick Deane and Jonathan Lane

Jonathan "Jon" Lane (74) interviews his high school wrestling coach, Dick Deane (85), about his life of service to the Moses Lake community. Dick talks about his family, shares memories from high school and college, and explores memories from his...

John Svagera and Mildred Marne

John Svagera (72) and his aunt Mildred Marne [no age given] share a conversation about their family history, particularly the experience of Mildred's father who immigrated to the United States from The Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) following World War I.

Gennaro Cambardella and Michael Cambardella

Gennaro Cambardella (79) tells his son Michael Cambardella (37) about Gennaro's father, "Pop," and the family's immigration to the U.S.

Leo Brichta Prisoner of War in WWI Russia told to Grandson Marshal Granor

Leo Brichta (75) discusses his capture and harrowing experiences in Siberia as a Prisoner of War in WWI. Interviewed by grandson Marshal Granor (16) then a high school student in 1972 as a social studies assignment for Dr. Herman Wohl...

Dana Stone and John Stone

Dana Stone (71) has a conversation with his brother John Stone (76) about their father's service in the Air Force during WWI, his love for aircraft, and some of the letters they've inherited about their father's experiences overseas.