Hanging with Pop on a Saturday evening!

We chatted about life in the 1930’s from childhood memories of schooldays, ballfields and old radio shows, onto the declaration of war over the airwaves on Dec. 8th,1941. Memories of Grandpa and his athleticism and meeting Grandma at Stiehl’s..

Dorothy Beackstead
July 29, 2019 App Interview

Born in 1935, Dorothy describes her experiences during WW2 in a small town on the border of Arizona and Mexico.

Tamiko-Words of Wisdom from my adopted Japanese mother-in-law

Tamiko was born in Japan in 1933. She shares what it was like to go from a comfortable life as a young child to living in a war torn country and learning to survive and thrive by her wits.

Thomas Holmes WW2 pt. 2

Me. Holmes continues his stories about his time serving in WW2

Tom Holmes WW2 story pt. 1

Mr. Holmes shares stories from his years in combat during WW2

Interview with descendants of Alfred Harvey Captain of United States Army

Eric and Austin Harvey tells us about their father and grandfather’s story of being drafted into the army during WW2 as a cartoonists. He taught soldiers how to operate the machines through cartoons because some couldn’t read or write