humans of jms – Delilah/Mr. Finer

Mr. Finer discusses his winter break, the writing life, and his career goals.

A welcoming experience of the Church – Paulist Fr. Joe Scott

Paulist Fr. Joe Scott recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a #priest. Fr. Joe served in campus ministry for much of his first decades as priest. He was also an associate editor at Paulist Press from 1998...

Dave Blumenstock and John Doe

[Recorded Friday, May 19, 2023] Dave (53) and John (39) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. John is a proud father and teaches college writing and literature. Dave has worked in the tourism industry, as an actor,...

Ralph Crosby, A Life of Writing

A granddaughter interviews her grandfather about his lifelong love of writing.

Natasha Herring and Virginia Vasquez

Friends and soul sisters Natasha Herring (48) and Virginia Vasquez (40) remember their grandparents' life and talk about how they have been influenced by them at various stages in life.

Sabina Jones and Naomi Love

Sabina Katherine Jones (24) tells her interview partner Naomi Love (27) about growing up in Taos, New Mexico, the travels she has embarked upon, and her outlook on the world.