Sue Katz and Bren Cole

Friends Sue Katz (73) and Bren Cole (36) share a conversation about their friendship, about how they first met, and about the differences of their experiences coming out and navigating their identities given their difference in age.

How to write an essay

What does the word essay mean? It came to us from France, and if we talk about its history, then it comes from Latin and means weighing. From French, they are translated as an attempt, sketch. An essay is a...


It can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing a topic for your history research paper on our buy an essay website or elsewhere. Topic selection is the first hurdle you must overcome to begin writing. Sometimes the...

The Professional Idea of Writing a Scoring College Dissertation – AssignmentsExperts

When writing a dissertation for college or university, you are probably staring at a blank sheet of paper. You may be wondering how on earth you will find what is bursting inside your head under words. This glowing cursor on...

Mary Don Beachy, interviewed by Jane Beachy

Mary Don Beachy talks about teaching and learning, wine and friendship, creativity, and many generations of family.

English Interview Project

A discussion with my dad about his career as an English professor.

Benefits associated with Environment Objectives

If you realized that learning the art of setting attainable goals is something everyone should be capable of. It would be best. This is not anything that might be useful to students on your own. Anyone on this planet ought...

A little nerdy conversation

I catch up with a dear friend of mine and talk about her goals, and then reminiscent of our time in highschool.

My Father: The Author

Zahra Ndirangu interviews her father, published author Ndirangu Githaiga, on his book that tells of the Kenyan experience. They delve into talks of race, literature, and representation.

No Words

YWW is all about words. It's also, for me, beyond words.