Sgt. Robert (Bob) DeYeso

Gabriel Harrington interviews Sgt. Robert (Bob) DeYeso on his experiences in WW2.

Interview with JyJow Doong on 12/3/2023

I spoke with my Gradnmother who is 78 years old and we talked about what spending time in the concentration camps during World War 2 was like. We also discussed how life was after this event as well.

A Conversation With Granny

Mark Rainey(17) interviews Levon Turner(91) (his great grandmother) about her life and her walk through time.

Interview with Jude Luevano- 5/23/23

Today I’m interviewing Jude Luevano about his favorites eras and his family’s personal war stories.

Bertram Winzer: WW2 Paratrooper, Public Speaker, and Family Man

This interview was conducted by Wahhaj Khokhar, a 3rd year medical student at St. Luke’s. The interviewee is Bertram Winzer, a recipient of the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and the Congressional Medal of Honor. We discuss his ventures as a...

Granny Huey

Granny Huey describing what it was like for her growing up. Including some details about WW2

WW2 interview

i interviews my great grandma on the homefront of world war 2. she told stories of her childhood and how everyone at the time was supportive of eachother.

William Alexion

an interview with William Alexion a ww2 navy electrical technician working primarily on sonar/ radar systems. his destroyer was hit by a kamikaze.