March 6, 2019
Krumpin 4 Success, Inc. Making an Impact: Candid conversation with Youth Advocate Shanna Carter & Youth Natasha Baker

This interview is about the genuine dedication and advocacy Shanna Carter, Founder of Krumpin 4 Success has for every young person that comes through the various programs. Shanna and one youth talk about the program and its benefit on both...

Gabo 030319

Gabriel, my son, and I spoke a little about him.

Emily: Speech Impairment

Youth with disabilities(motivation) Emily has a speech impairment, and has had it since she was 7 years old. Find out what motivates her!

Digital Storytelling Interview

Interviewing Miqdaad Buriwhala about his youth development experiences.

RPTS Interview- Sophie Cooke

Interview with a volunteer at YoungLife who works with youth with disabilities!

Stories with Tyler

I talked with Tyler about what the youth enjoys. The negative affects it has had on them. Also a smal insight on what it’s like to be an aspiring artist.

Life with An Engle

I had a conversation about youth and drugs in 2019. With raw real life experience from a member dead in the center of the chaos and smoke.


Talked about some parts of his life.


Taylor inspired the youth with his self motivated spirit and funny personality. Tune in for an awesome (raw) 6minute epic on Taylor’s life growing up.

John and nate

This interview was fun to take. I tried to focus on important stuff.