Maureen Mead and Jennifer Stubbs

Good friends Maureen Mead (54) and Jennifer Stubbs (52) trade memories from their early twenties spent in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

My mother's twenties: valuable memories of mother's youth

The interview mainly records my mother's memories of her youth. In this interview, my mother talked about her youth, from studying tailoring to getting married and having children. When studying tailoring, my mother was always very motivated and diligent in...

Hawu Juhye Lim and Yuchen Chang

Friends Hawu Juhye Lim (34) and Yuchen Chang (34) ask each other about family, home, and living in New York after leaving their places of origin.

Youth Voice in the Late 60s

Interviewer: Simon Park Interviewed: Janet and Tom pfenning We discussed the Vietnam War, inequality, and what the Youth had to say about it in the late 60s

Ari Tenorio and LaShon Cate

Pueblo relatives Ari Tenorio (Kuu’Trii’Tee) (27) and LaShon Cate (KatiMeé) (34) of the Pueblo of San Felipe talk about their experiences farming as Pueblo women and reflect on how to continue engaging youth in learning to farm.

El Camino de Una Vida Mejor

Discussion with my uncle about his past and experience he had as he arrived in the United States.

Service Learning

My name is Raul Cortes and I am 17 years old. I interviewed my mother which discussed about her youth and moments in her life which have impacted her and made her who she is today.

Kermit Sahney and Manny Cruz

Friends and coworkers Kermit Sahney (26) and Manny Cruz (31) reflect on their relationship with the Boys' Club of New York from their experience as youth members to current employees.

Chris Hazelton

Chris Hazelton, 73, and Jessica Gribble, 46, father and daughter, talk about Chris's early life through marriage and his early teaching career.

Kalia Morrison and Lew Lefton

Friends and Coworkers, Kalia Morrison (39) and Lew Lefton (62), speak about the nonprofit Decatur Makers: its founding, its community, and their hopes for the organization moving forward.