Jim Bear Full tells Thompson Reichert about the trouble he got into as a teenager playing with acetylene.

Jim Bear Full (67) and Thompson Reichert (67), friends since 2000, were business partners in the Ganas Community in Staten Island NY. Like all adolescents, Bear was into mischief. This experiment with acetylene got him into lots of trouble.

Patrick Duganz (39) and Grayson Duganz (10) 2/1/24

Patrick Duganz interviews his song Grayson who was six when the pandemic began. Grayson discusses the upsides of the pandemic (home, and games) and the downsides (school, being advanced for school after the pandemic).

Mary Beth Majors Interview

Mary Beth Major MS, APRN, AGNP-C Economic necessity was the impetus for enrolling in nursing classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Caring for medically complex patients experiencing health care inequities led me to St. Catherine University College for Adults...

Harry Freeman and Robert Matheny

Friends, Robert 'Mark' Matheny (77) and Harry Freeman (80) discuss growing up in the racially plagued South, the Civil Rights Movement, their love for Memphis, and their family's involvement with the government.

Fatima Ahmed and Qadir Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed (17) talks with her father, Qadir Ahmed (57) about life experiences, immigrating to America, and family.

Karishma Babani and Manju Babani

Karishma Babani (17) talks with her mother, Manju Babani (44) about her life before changing her life and how it how it is different from her current one. This included lessons she has learned and the way both of these...

Mary Broderick Interview

Mary Broderick has worked with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ), St. Paul Province, for over 40 years. She joined with Sister Anne Joachim Moore at the founding of St. Mary's Junior College as a nursing professor and...

Bry Lee and Sihun Lee from South Korea to the US

Bry Lee (21) and Sihun Lee (58) sparks more intimate conversations about life and culture in the US and South Korea. Chit chats here and there and in between.

Alan Crichton and Buddy Spaulding

One Small Step conversation partners Buddy Spaulding (64) and Alan Crichton (77) talk about engineering and art and applications in life, as well as religion and religious values, especially related to personal beliefs and complex social issues.