Patrick Duganz (39) and Grayson Duganz (10) 2/1/24

Patrick Duganz interviews his song Grayson who was six when the pandemic began. Grayson discusses the upsides of the pandemic (home, and games) and the downsides (school, being advanced for school after the pandemic).

Alan Crichton and Buddy Spaulding

One Small Step conversation partners Buddy Spaulding (64) and Alan Crichton (77) talk about engineering and art and applications in life, as well as religion and religious values, especially related to personal beliefs and complex social issues.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With Chuck Geary

My grandfather Chuck tells me one of his favorite stories to tell during dinner.

An Amazing Interview With My Mom,Grandma and Aunt!

The interviewer, Autumn Pickarski(17). Interviews with their 3 family members. Joni Simon(Grandmother,65),Christy Hiatt(Aunt,39) and Elisa Hiatt(Mother,42). They discuss topics about how they grew up,what school was like for them,ancestry etc. They share their stories and thoughts throughout the interview.

"Music is such a universal language, so I think as the world gets crazier and crazier I think musicians find great solace in that…"

Liliana Ortiz a 16 year old oboe student interviews her Teacher Jocelyn Moore. They talk about how Jocelyn grew up with music, her career paths, stories from her jobs, and what makes music special to her. This interview is done...

Kerry Sack and Jennifer Wixson

One Small Step conversation partners Kerry Sack (72) and Jennifer "Jen" Wixson (67) talk about family histories and the people who were most influential to them. Jen describes a nuanced perspective of being "from away," and shares stories articulating personal/political...

Meet Traditional Barnegat Bay Decoy Carver & Folk Artist, J.P. Hand!

Tuckerton Seaport Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews J.P. Hand of Goshen, New Jersey. JP has been carving traditional Barnegat Bay decoys for the past 50+ years. In this interview, he discusses how decoy carving became a part of his life,...

Ann Koepke and Richard Gilmore

One Small Step conversation partners Ann Koepke (46) and Richard Gilmore (70) discuss the differences in their family structures, how they approach politics, and dealing with cancel culture.

Gene and Joan Dalebroux

On their 65th wedding anniversary, Gene (87) and Joan Dalebroux (85) talk about the joy, adventures, and dangers of farm life in tiny Thiry Daems, Wisconsin. Listen as their daughter Jill talks with them about Belgian traditions, raising a family...