Baseball with Mikey

I talk baseball and college with Mikey Edelman

Amanda Gailitis, Ava Gailitis, Tony Clark

Amanda Gailitis: 2020-04-29 19:22:01 Tony Clark(61) talks with his granddaughter Ava Gailitis (9) about covid-19, his childhood in Mason MI, and favorite baseball memories.

Clayton Phillips 10 min Interview

Talked to Tanner Phillips about his baseball career so far and what his future plans are.


Everett discusses that his favorite memories included playing baseball as a young boy and having his grandfather there to guide him and be there for him

Let’s Play Tennis!

Gigi Merino interviews her dad, Robert Merino. He talks about his adventures from living in Costa Rica when he was a young boy, to wanting to be a professional athlete! He mentions his loving father and how he wanted to...

Gossip with the Grandparents

Dishing the gossip with my grandparents about their lives and what it was like growing up in their generation. *Funny stories alert!*

Being Your Best

Austin Cain shared about his path to becoming a Special Education teacher, and the influence of role models and personal goals in his life.