A Conversation with Lee Heine

Tracy Malterer and Nick Thill sit down with Lee Heine for a conversation on beekeepers and friendship.

Peter Nelson & Sally Roy

Sally and Peter talk about their film "The Pollinators," paying attention to the natural world, and the impact of a teacher.

Bill Whitney

Bill tells his story about getting fully engaged in beekeeping.

Debra Slocum & Eddy Rojas

Debra and Eddy talk about the journey of getting to the root of an issue by asking "why?"

David and Lynne Kelton

David and Lynne share their passion for bees and master beekeeping, their hopes for the future of beekeeping, and Lynnes incredible skill of catching queens out of swarms.

Antonio Quinlan

Antonio talks of bees as a unifier and about his non-profit.

Timothy and Anna Lindley

Anna interviews Tim about how he got into beekeeping and what he enjoys about it, the therapeutic benefits of working with bees, the troubles of moving equipment in your car, the magic of honey, an important mentor, and what the...

Douglas and Kim Sjostrom

Douglas talks about how he got into keeping bees, honey, the joy of getting a swarm and educating about bees versus wasps, the peaceful nature of working with bees, and making the world more friendly for bees. Kim tells about...

Jim Rodenberg and Carly Loomis

Jim tells about his family's history, beekeeping in Montana, and comb honey.