Enter view with my mom

I’m this Interview I talk to my mom about different topics like her childhood and her pregnancy.

Interview my mom

This interview was about my mom and what she hopes for me in life

Interview w/ Grandpa

I talked with my grandpa, Rick, about his childhood. He reflected on old memories and struggles on life.

Aditya talks to Madhavi about her viewpoints on life and her upbringing transitioning in to the United States.

In this interview, conducted in 2019, Madhavi talked to Aditya about her childhood and upbringing in India. Madhavi talked about growing up with three sisters in a catholic school, emphasizing the cultural and general differences from the upbringing of an...

Jacob Murray 12-9-2019 Age: 20

I interviewed my mom about her life growing up and her hopes and goals for me and her children

Larry Vranka Interview

An interview with father Larry Vranka about his valuable memories from his life and the people in them. He speaks about his experience with the September 11th attacks while he was out of the country, important advice his family gave...