Dino LaRussa’s life

Dino LaRussa is the owner of Jetpro and has seen and experienced many things throught his life. He owns and runs his own company and has worked hard ever since a boy to now live happily and simply.

Chris Klein & Alex Wu

Chris Klein, an Andover native and author, discusses his German and Irish roots. He recounts his life growing up amidst classism in the 1980s. Inspired by AP US History class, he discovered his passion for research-based writing, determined to preserve...

Entrepreneur meets Nursing
December 12, 2022 App Interview

Entrepreneur and current nursing student, Denise Johnson was my choice of interviewee because of her inspiring story. Her determination to explore and achieve all the things that she wants out of life is beautiful to see. It shows people that...

Setting Up A Future/Configurando Un Futuro
December 3, 2022 App Interview

It was not easy for the Saldivars to get to where they are today. Their story explains what they had to do to build a stable foundation not just for them, but for their children/grandchildren too.

Grandpa’s life in Iran and America

Eddie Khachaturian, 86 years old, grandfather of Isabelle Davis, 15 years old. He grew up in Iran, got his first job at 16 working with his father, then permanently moved to America after 10 years of marriage. He brought his...

The story of a young black business owner.
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Today I interviewed Don coles who is a 22 year old black business owner. Today we discussed some of the ups and downs of starting your own business and even given advice from the business owner Don Coles himself.

A Look into Gookies Life

Gookie (my grandfather) talks with me about his life growing up in Marin and the struggles he faced. His fondest memories of living in Marin and the people he met along the way that helped him through life. But also...

Max Fun

Conversation with Todd Youngs a father and business owner. His childhood goals and where he is now.