Story Corps interview for Phil 1301

This is an interview for our philosophy class where we interview a classmate and ask them questions created by ideas from our book that pertains to our interviewee's career.

Philosophy Interview with Robert Redman

This is an interview with classmate Robert Redman. The interview touches the subjects seen in Philosophy Class connected to Robert's major and plans for the future.

Interview with a Business Major

I will be interviewing a Business Major here at St.Mary’s University. And I’ll be asking him 12 philosophical questions.

Spend the Day Working the Bay at Viking Village

Learn about the 3rd largest commercial fishing port in the United States and how they help to bring food to our tables. Started in the 1920s, Viking Village has become a leader in responsibly sourced seafood.

Reflections on Generations Past

18 year old college student, Lanie White, interviews her 85 year old grandfather, Paul Corliss, to reflect on the good and bad of his past.

Trace Hochsprung and Grandmother Connie Hochsprung

Trace Hochsprung gets to pick his grandmothers brain on how they started a very successful family business. From starting from one truck to a fleet of 5 Plus trucks. We also find the Do and don'ts from running a business.