Interview with Abu

We spoke mostly about his career, his mother, and the key lesson in his life: kindness. He spoke a great deal about how multiple people, including strangers his mother, and people in higher positions than him taught him the value...

Oral History Project

We discussed her favorite memories. We also spoke about her career and life choices.

Oral History Project

In this interview, we mostly talked about family and career.

My Mother’s Life

In this interview we cover the topics of my mother’s childhood, family, lessons learned, religion, and future.

Nikki’s Interview with her Mom & Dad – Jim & Linda Weir

I sat down and asked my Mom & Dad about their families, childhood and careers. Lastly, I asked them how they'd like to be remembered.

"Find joy in success"

I interview my mom, Stephanie Kirk, and ask her questions about her life in Salt Lake City. We talk about her career as an interior designer, some life lessons, and impactful experiences.