Getting to know more about my mother.
December 4, 2020 App Interview

My mother Laura, talked about how her mother had the most influence on her.

Childhood of a Flint Mom

My mom has her own life, her own experiences and wisdom and in this interview I asked her about her life’s accomplishments and wise words she wanted to tell the future generations. In this interview my mom gives advice that...

Jonathan Amosa Levy- The Great thanksgiving Listen

My grandpa and I spoke about growing up and how life was back then

My Dad’s Childhood

I talked to my dad about his experiences growing up as an immigrant in New York.

Two Generations Apart: Life in the World of Media

Pierce Norman (21) interviews his mother, Deirdre Norman (55) about the differences and similarities in his life experiences with news and social media compared to that of hers. Join this interview to watch a mother and son talk about media,...

Thanksgiving Interview with my Grandmother

My Grandmother sits down to talk with me about her life while growing up, and her relationship with relatives and family.

Neha Avadhani and Meena Pasupathy

Neha Avadhani (18) asks her family friend, and close aunt, Meena Pasupathy (53) about her childhood, her experience moving to the US from India, and some lessons she has learned throughout her career.