Ann Meredith and Leah Juliett

Friends and colleagues Ann Meredith (73) and Leah Juliett (24) discuss their relationships with their gender and sexual identities, talk about the effects of past trauma, and discuss their work as artists.

David Eberhardt and Cathy Permut Eberhardt

David Eberhardt (80) shares a conversation with his significant other, Cathy Permut Eberhardt (72), about the role of activism and protest and the importance of finding meaning in life.

Jack Krauskopf at 80 years old with children Katie and Lewis

Jack Krauskopf on the occasion of his 80th birthday talks with his children, Katie Krauskopf (45) and Lewis Krauskopf (48) about his childhood, career in public service and major influences in his life.

Ken Brown and Maryanne Kaishian

Interview with my grandpa, a teacher and plumber who has 9 kids and 41 grandchildren, and attended the Civil Rights March in 1963.

A family of Civil Rights Leaders in Charlotte

Talia Ivory: 2020-12-13 17:47:37, My Aunt Darnell Ivory tells me about one of her brothers Cecil Ivory jr. Along with my great-grandpa, Cecil, Cecil Ivory jr. changed the world for the better.