Adam Cico Hampton NH COVID Experiences Interview with Megan Cico

Adam Cico: 2021-06-07 21:52:46 Adam (age 17) talks to his sister Megan (age 23) about their experiences in COVID and compare and contrast how they were both affected by the events happening around them.

How you can Invest in Program Do the job Creating Assistance From Authentic About the net Resources

They may be apprehensive they could be acquiring 1 factor with plagiarism in it. Which is a person on the anxieties that almost all people today have every time they think of acquiring teaching. In the event your author was...

Kellyn talks speaks of her college experience with Kestyn Ellis

Kellyn summarizes what pushed her to choose her school and major. She goes on to talk about the highlights of college and the impact she hopes to have on her students

Mackenzie’s interview

Mackenzie talked about her experience at college and life lessons.

"Schooling" COVID-19 – Comments on how varying levels of education were affected by the pandemic

A discussion amongst family members about their experiences related to education and how they were impacted by the pandemic. Erin (25, They/Them) was furloughed from their job at the start of the pandemic, and then chose to resume college courses...