Disappearance of Madeleline McCann Podcast

Exploring the theories from the Netflix Documentary “The Disappearance of Maddeline McCann

Immigration Stories Italy: Jorida

Jorida Dervishi is an idealist through and through. Jorida came from Albania to Milan 4 years ago and opened her own school for women immigrants to help them learn to speak Italian. While working with her school devoted to women...

An Interview With My Friend Regarding About My 1-minute Documentary Video.

https://www.facebook.com/MinuteWEdio/videos/520327318414635/ https://www.facebook.com/whateveronce/videos/321385955282154/

The opinion about my 60 seconds documentary

This is Mr. Edwin's opinion about my 60 seconds interview documentary.

Neighbors Documentary Exhibit

Mitchell and Valerie of Concise Focus discuss the process and challenges of creating their doc/ art exhibit: Nieghbors. Neighbors is an interactive documentary experience on display until June 1st at Ace121 in Glendale, CA.

Live Aid Documentary Interview

Interview with my dad about the Live Aid documentary which was about impoverished children in Ethiopia. About how it affected him then and now.