Qualitative Interview

In this interview we discussed Claire’s past memories, life lessons, important people and the future.

Interview with Lleyton

We talked mostly about memories that we made and his childhood.

A Conversation about Fatherhood – Shara & Joel Fisler

Shara Fisler: 2021-04-20 18:55:46 Shara Fisler, 49, talks with her father, Joel Fisler, 84, about his father, being a father, and finally becoming a grandfather.

Storytelling assignment

McKenzie Ewing talks with Diane Ewing

Interview With Susan Buckelew on 4/11/21

I interviewed my grandmother to talk about family and our heritage. It helped me learn more about our our family and was a great bonding experience.

Gary Jackson’s family history

The history and story of the Jackson and Gunn family located in Lamar County Texas. The story told from Gary Jackson's perspective.

Bruce and Courtney

We talked about our family, him, and his diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Ruby Arcos De La Cruz gets to know Rafael’s life experience

Ruby Arcos interviews her older brother named Rafael Arcos who is 23 years old and listens to what he had experienced when growing up. It allowed Ruby to get to know Rafael even more. This interview made these siblings bond...