Family Together Forever
January 10, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed my mom who has passed down wisdom to me and shared stories that I have never heard before.

History Final

In this interview my nana talked to me about her childhood, family, and life.

Papa’s Past

Today I talked with my Grandfather and Great Aunt about their lives and family past.

Momma Linda’s experience

I never really got into depth of my family and this interview help with me understand the struggles that occur in my family today. Hearing the stories I didn’t know and being more educated on my family’s lives has helped...

The importance of learning your heritage.

An interview discussing the importance of knowing your family history, filled with a few short stories.

How my grandma grew up

My grandma told me stories of how my mom was as a kid and how she raised her. She told me all about her life as a kid as well.

Family history project

My mom talked about her college life and some things she learned from her dad.