Interviewing my Grandma Maryanne

Maryanne Matusko, age 78, grew up in Massachusetts where she worked on farms during her childhood. She married Raymond Matusko who was in the Air Force and traveled to many different areas with her three children before retiring in Currituck.

Discussing Agriculture with my Grandfather

I recorded this interview a month ago over the phone, since I wasn’t going to see my Grandfather, who is my closest relative with an agricultural background, over Thanksgiving. We discussed what farming was like for him growing up, his...

HI 360 Thanksgiving Interview Christian Rodriguez

I ask my mom questions about growing up on a farm and Thanksgiving traditions.

HI360 Thanksgiving & Farm History Interview

Interview with my great-grandmother about her farming and thanksgiving experiences. My great-aunt also takes part to add to my grandmother's story.

HI 360 thanksgiving assignment

We discussed food traditions and how things have changed since he was a kid.