Steven’s interview

Steven talks about his childhood, experiences as an adolescent, and things to inspire the youth. Laugh along with Steven and Savannah as they talk about Steven’s life.

Let’s have a conversation luv (take 2)

This is a engaging conversation between me and my sister about life experiences and feelings.

Daniel’s life in 5 questions.

In this recorder my friend Daniel Morales who I known for almost 10 years shares his perspective point of you in life. Daniel talks about his dad had a big influence in his life. One lesson his dad taught him...

Covid-19: Maria Trajtenberg

Jackie Neale interviews her undergraduate photography student, Maria Trajtenberg while we are conducting interviews and taking photographs for our storytelling project, The Corona Collective. Maria is living in TriBeCa New York City through the pandemic, and talks about how she...

An Interview with a Good Friend

An interview with Manya Sinha (19), a close friend from college about her experiences at home in India, at Rutgers, and about her future.

Alena Cerrillo and Ethan Cox

Alena Cerrillo: 2020-05-01 03:26:33 Alena Cerrillo (15) talks with her friend Ethan Cox (15) about his life. She ask him random questions to learn more about him.

Life before boarding school

This interview I asked some very philosophical questions that really got my person thinking. He has some very intriguing responses that lead into deep and meaningful conversations

A Father’s Story

My father, Jon Slagel, and I discussed his life prior to having children. He spoke about how he spent his time as a child, what jobs he had before taking on a full career, and what his journey to marrying...