Los Cuentos de la Niñez de Mi Abuela

Yo entreviste mi abuela, Cecelia Restrepo de su niñez, donde crecio, y como fue su vida.

A Father’s Story

My father, Jon Slagel, and I discussed his life prior to having children. He spoke about how he spent his time as a child, what jobs he had before taking on a full career, and what his journey to marrying...

An interview with my father Zack Harmantzis

Happy memories, how my parents met and how life was lived through the years were discussed today in this interview with my father.

Comp I Interview Goals with Katie

This is my English Comp I Interview with my classmate, Katie, where I talked to her about her future goals in life.


Valeria Torres talks about her arrival in the United States and about the expectations and stereotypes of Hispanic people