Interview Assignment

She told me about her life and who shes remembers, and what she remembers being her best memory

Interviewing my Grandma
January 30, 2020 App Interview

Interviewing my wonderful Grandma, Joanne Pearson. I ask her about what it was like to grow up during World War II and what it was like to become a mother.

Mary Russo-1/20/2020

Mary talks about the hardships and regrets in her life as well as the amazing things that have happened along with them.

Interview with Betty Hampton

Summary: Betty Hampton has lived a very full life. In this interview, Nate Wiseman talks with her on December 29, 2019, in Solebury township about her happiest and proudest moments, as well as the experiences that shaped her life both...

A grandmother's life from growing up during a war to having grandchildren

A grandmother goes through the details of her life, from the beginning when her family was heavily impacted by the World Wars to eventually having children and grandchildren.