John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

We talked about my Grandmother’s perspective of the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

Grandparent Interview

My nana and I talking about the stories from her life.

Relationships project with my Grandma

I interview my Grandma on her life and on advice for me and my possible future children

Grandma’s brother Vietnam war drafting story

My Grandma and I talked about how her life was effected when her brother was drafted in the Vietnam War.


We talked about how her life was growing up.

Helen Marie Fields – My Great Grandmother
September 29, 2019 App Interview

Interviewed my great grandmother on Sunday, September 29th while having my weekly Sunday afternoon visit with her. She is 87 years old and will be 88 in January. Lives in the house she and my grandaddy built in the 60s.

Quickly with Grandma
September 21, 2019 App Interview

Talked with my Grandmother about family and childhood

Vó Mano Setembro 2019

Vó Manô, 85 years old, reluctantly concedes an interview (in Portuguese) after a long day shopping in Chicago.

Grandma Roberts

An interview with my grandma, Frances Roberts (97), reflecting on her life