Grandpa Walt’s immigration to the U.S.

I interviewed my Grandpa about his life while living in Switzerland and once he immigrated to America. Learned his struggles and journeys.

My grandfathers experience in the foreign service

In this interview, we talk about his experience traveling the world as a government employee and his most memorable moments.

Interview with grandpa

My grandpa reveals things about his hard life in the military and how certain people shaped his life

Airstream interview on a Sunday morning in May

Rich talked about his grandfather and memories of his growing up with him. We also talked about his son josh and our whacky honeymoon in Hawaii August 2000.

Interviewing Henry: 05/05/2020

I asked Henry some questions- not to deep but ones I knew he could answer. Henry’s very shy but we have always been close. He is a sophomore at Chanhassen high school and has been through a lot with me...

English 4

Talked mostly about my moms life and what she remembers of me

Aunt Cherry (sibling #12)

My Aunt Cherry is the 12th of my Grandma Classy's children. We talked for a bit about the coronavirus, the ways she is keeping up with there grandchildren and how her church has handled the transition. My favorite part of...

Robert Family Reunion and Grandpa Robert, Cubs Fan, WWII Vet, Family Man

Daniel Martin Robert's reminiscences of the Robert Family Reunion and Grandpa Robert as we are all on lockdown because of corona virus and wondering if the Robert Reunion will happen this year.