Recording – 07-11-2024 20:24:49

Eloise (9), Isla (11) and Willa (10) interview their grandfather Sheldon Boege (81) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming while on a family vacation.

Interview with my Dad

Father and daughter interview as part of Full Sail University’s Research in Media Communications course.

Father and Daughter Reflects on Teaching

A man (48) reflects on his years of teaching middle and high school, both through highs and the lows to his daughter (15).

Meet My Great Uncle

In this interview, Camille and her Great Uncle Patrick discuss his culture and family for a school project. He shares his experience growing up in China, immigrating to America, and how it shaped him. Patrick also ends the interview by...

Sean McKell and Erik Hendrickson

One Small Step conversation partners Sean McKell (53) and Erik Hendrickson (65), strangers, have a conversation about their backgrounds, families, careers, and beliefs, finding commonalities despite differences in age and life experiences.

Derek Scheuerman and Jay Russell

One Small Step conversation partners Derek Scheuerman (23) and Jay Russell (27) are acquaintances who learn more about each other discussing the commonalities and differences in their upbringings, hardships they've faced, religious identities, gender identities, and goals for the future.

Taemin Kim

me and my Korean language partner discuss about variety of different topics relating to cultural similarities and differences.