interview with my dad :))

Bennett Chiu (17) talks with his dad, Edward Chiu (early 50s), with his experiences with transitioning from Hong Kong to America as an immigrant.

interview with my mom :))

Bennett Chiu (17) interviews/talks to his mom Vivian Chiu (late 40s) about her experience transitioning from Hong Kong to America as an immigrant.

interview 1

Iysa Iqbal (16) and her dad, Dr. Iqbal Ahamed (53) speak about her dad’s experiences with immigrating to America and onward.

immigrating to america interview

My name is Louise and my mother is Flavia. We are both first gen immigrants. in this interview, I interview her to tell us her story on what it was like moving to America and what it is also like...

Yo soy dominicano

Francisco habla de su experiencia inmigrando a los EEUU. Él también menciona cómo volvió a conocer su etnicidad.

De Cuenca a la gran manzana por los ojos de Rossana Pauta

My name is Erick Molina I am 25 years old and this is the story of my mother, Rossana Pauta and her journey coming from Cuenca, Ecuador to New York City as a young adult and all of the steps...

Interview With My Mom

My name is Anett Calispa and I’m 18 years old. In this interview, I speak with my mom, Rosa Cristina Albuja about raising us in the United States. We speak about the hardships and the joys of having kids in...

Norma Castellanos Interview

My name is Priscilla Colon and I interviewed my grandma, Norma Castellanos. She is 79 years old and was born in La Habana, Cuba. I asked her questions about her life in Cuba, her life in the United States, and...

Interview with my aunt, Joicy Estevez

I am Natalie Estevez and I interviewed my aunt Joicy Estevez. We spoke about her childhood, moving and being an immigrant, her family, and profession.