An interview with Forest Zeng and his mother

This is an interview between Forest Zeng(17) and his mother Ning Ma(59). the topics discussed are mostly related to how life was like for Ning during her life.

Alexia: A Look Into Cloutier's Childhood Across Continents

Alexia Cloutier(53) talks with her daughter, Tabitha Cloutier(15), about her childhood with divorced parents and her highly differing experiences.

"Escaping Laos," Coming to America and living in the Bronx in the early '80s

The interviewer Alex Burkley (16) interviews his mother Karen Burkley (54) for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. The interview took place on Thanksgiving, November 23rd, 2023 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. My mother narrowly escapes Laos from the communists and details...

My dad’s perspective of life

Yusra Hussain who is 16 made an interview video with 48 year old father, Arif Hussain. Yusra asks various questions about his experience moving country to country from Pakistan, Canada, and finally the United States. He also gives his opinion...

Hogan Family Heritage

Ella Monroe and Heleen Hogan (grandmother) discuss their family heritage from Ireland.

Recording – 11-26-2023 11:00:09

Ranya Shah(14) interviewed Meera Kansal(74) about life before and after her journey to America. We talk about academics, political involvement, adjusting to a new life and more.

Interview with Ukrainian

Seth Bekker interviewing his grandma Liana Bekker about her life in Ukraine and her life in America.


I interviewed my high school friend Temitope Obembe. We talked about her upbringings in Nigeria. She is used to change as she has moved multiple times to different countries and communities in her life.

Celeste Ramirez-Ocaña and Rigo Ramirez-Ocaña

Newlyweds Celeste Ramirez-Ocaña (26) and Rigo Ramirez-Ocaña (24) talk about the value of cultural preservation and keeping their families’ traditions alive, especially for their son. They share their experiences navigating different spaces as Hispanic individuals and reflect on how their...