One day, life change: International Student the life of a non-citizen.

an international student studying at UTEP, one day he wanted to take a small trip to white sands with her girlfriend running in to a check point where he did not know the permission was outdated and he got treated...

Living History Project

an interview about my dads life in the soviet union and his upbringing. also describes his challenges in moving to a new country.

Interviewing Dad

My dad and I were talking about his childhood and his story of immigrating from Italy to the US.

Anna Dubinsky LHP

Yury Dubinsky’s journey to becoming American.

Grace Kemmerly and Lexi Pasternak

Grace Kemmerly: 2021-04-19 00:24:59 Grace Kemmerly (18) and Lexi Pasternak (16) discuss their opinions and views on topics including the political environment in the US, immigration, and taxation.

Evie and Yiayia Maria, immigrating to the United States, April 17, 2021

Me and Yiayia talk about her coming to the US and some of the struggles she faced while coming, also talking abut memories she has from immigrating.

Learn How to Forecast the Weather with Oma: All You Need Is A Broken Toe and Some Deer

This is an interview I did with my 86-year-old grandmother. She lived in Germany through WWII and had a very interesting life, resulting in some unusual stories. She now lives on an out-of-service farm in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. In this...