[JP]ENCOURAGEインタビュー – 犬の美容師さんで日系カナダ人のMARIに、「家族」「仕事」「人生」について聴く

[JP]ENCOURAGEインタビュー – 犬の美容師さんで日系カナダ人MARIに、「家族」「仕事」「人生」というトピックで、インタビュー。ご両親が日本人で、生まれと育ちはカナダの彼女は、どういった環境で育ってきて、何を学んできたのか。彼女のいろんな側面を聴いています。

Mavbuddies Cultural Interview

Ethnographic interview for the Language Partner Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The process of getting a occupation in Japan

In the interview, Noriko Murakawa talks about her life after she graduated high school, and the process of finding a job in Japan before coming to America to become a preschool teacher.

An american view of Japanese culture

Andrew describes his views of japanese culture and his experiences about barriers and conflicts.

Asuka has expressed individuality with different hair cuts and hair styles to reject societal standards.

A Japanese American artist and teacher, Asuka tells about how her has expressed different aspects of her identity over the years, her relationships with her mother and grandma, and where she found her braided hair style.

Kotaro & Sandra's Ethnographic Interview

For our ethnographic interview Kotaro and I talked about the food and time in our lives and our culture. Enjoy!

Global Arizona

Leia Pisor, a global citizen and student at ASU, discusses her life experiences and opinions on thinking globally.

Life in Japan After WW2

Interview with my grandmother about her life in Japan after WW2.