Family Heritage

Jonathan Zweifel talks about his late fathers struggles and applies it to his life lessons that he learned

Interview with my grandpa :)

Lesson learning, words of wisdom, and a peak into his life are just some of the few things my grandpa talked about in this interview.

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

Herb Ingram & Deacon Wolfe

Deacon Wolfe, student at Westwood High School in Austin, TX, speaks with Hillcrest Baptist Church Second Half Ministry member Herb Ingram about growing up Texan, life in the military, and what Jesus means to him.

Regine, Leslee, & Jessica's Introductory Interview

Regine Criser (FYS 178 instructor), Leslee Johnson (HUM 124 instructor), and Jessica Pisano (LANG 120 instructor) share the places they call home, their most meaningful questions, and their greatest life lessons.

Clarence Yoshino and Monica Jennings

Clarence Yoshino (89) talks with his daughter, Monica Jennings (59) about reflections on life.

Me and my pops conversing

A little about my dad’s life and what he has learned and wants to pass on. Also the other two in the photo is my cousin and my sister.

Interview of Carl John Mendoza

An interview with my boyfriend to learn more about the way he thinks and the life he’s led up to this point.