The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Journalism Project: December 10th, 2019. Me interviewing my mom about her childhood and her life.

Gen Grosse and Lisa Love

Lisa Love (47) interviews her good friend Gen Grosse (49) about Gen’s loving and supportive spirit, their friendship and Gen’s family history.

Closer Than Ever

Conversations about the struggles and strides of our family over the years. How hard times affected us and how we overcame them. The strength of our relationship.

Me and my aunt

We talked about what she wants to be remembered for and her childhood

The emotions and feelings of a dreamer like Carlos!

Carlos is a 17 year old who is currently a senior at School Of Social Justice. He talks about his feelings like the love he has for his partner and how he also has love for his family and the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over Thanksgiving break I interviewed my grandmother. I had her answer many important and meaningful questions. After this interview I learned many important life lessons.

Adelle Sims is interviewed by her daughter, Ella Pharo, about her life.

In this interview, my mom and I discussed her childhood, adulthood, found memories, and important historical/ political things that stand out to her. We also talked about our relationship and other personal things that had an impact on her life.


The Way A Single Father Has To Be On A Teenage Female

The Life Of Debra Morton

In this interview you will hear the story of a beautiful and caring lady, who always sought out the best in everyone.