My mom’s story

I did an interview with my intention to see and hear more about my mom , it was something very hard for her to talk about. She did not want to do it , but she saw how important it...

Emerson Teeter’s interview

We talked about my Paps life as a kid, and the good and bad things he did. We also talked about his relationship with his parents and grandparents.

interview p2

She lived in many places during her childhood. She also celebrated her wedding at the South Coast Fellowship (we actually used to go to this church but now we go to a different one and she also used to work...

My life before and after my parents divorce

My parents divorce was tuff for me I missed my dad a lot when he left but looking back now even though it hurts it was for the best


The history is about a love triangule


Young priest officiates marriage of couple who have 80+ years previous marriage experience

Dad growing up

Initial discussion with dad about growing up and meeting mom