Emry Lopez and Misty Dahlin talk about life and the joys in it

Emry Lopez (16) and his mom, Misty Dahlin (42) talk about happy and sad moments in life. They also discuss important and lessons and memories from past generations. The events take place in Tucson, Arizona as well as some other...

Words from the Wise Grandmother

Beth Conley is 72 years old, a loving daughter, mother and grandmother. She spends her time with her family, friends and the people she loves. She spreads kindness to everyone she interacts with!

Grandma Jean evacuated to the countryside in WWll

Jean Braggs (83, living in Berkshire, England) talks with her granddaughter, Ellie Braggs (15, living in California, U.S.A.), about what it was like when she was evacuated from London during World War ll. Although Jean was only a baby when...

Madelynn Reilly & Eric Vance

Madelynn Reilly: 2022-11-29 00:29:32 Madelynn Reilly (14) talks with her uncle, Eric Vance (44), about his relationship with his parents growing up, the time he got in the biggest trouble as a child, and how his parents have influenced how...

Takako to May Wong

May/Takako Wong, age 80, talks with granddaughter Lucy Wong, age 15, about her family's experience immigrating to America from Japan and her experiences in America thereafter with internment camp, kids, work, and family.

A Friendship Worth Remebering
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Hi!~ My name is Morgan Thomas and I am interviewing my bestie friend Gabrielle (Gabby). This interview is a trip down memory lane covering the purpose of of why are friendships important. It will cover the topic of friendship, memories,...

Chloe W. interview Tony A.

Tony Alonso (52) talks with friend, Chloe Watson (17) about his family and wife.

Annika Wester and Michael Wester

Annika Wester (16) talks with her father, Michael Wester (54), about his own father, growing up in Michigan and California, and how these experiences have shaped what matters to him most.

Bonding with my Grandpa

I talked with grandpa about his life growing up and some of his valuable memories. He also talked to me about meeting his wife my grandma and raising my mom.