From the Wild Atlantic to the Windy City

13 year old Bebhinn Doherty interviews her father in their home in Chicago. They talk about his journey through life.

Interview Project

This is an interview with my mom about her childhood until today.

Jenny Hardin and Anne Collins

One Small Step conversation partners Rev. Jenny Hardin (32) and Anne Collins (72) are both residents of Stillwater, Oklahoma - having both come there from outside of state. In their conversation they talk about their separate journeys to faith and...

Susan Bolner-Hamilton and Caleb Mills

One Small Step conversation partners Caleb Mills (27) and his mother Susan Bolner-Hamilton (52) met in-person in Oklahoma City. In their One Small Step conversation, they talk about voting, their relationship, and family and friends.

Guy Blanchette and Rose Splett

Guy Blanchette (age 67) has a conversation with his friend Rose Splett (age 85) about getting to know one another and how they became friends.

Hilly Haber and Sherry King

Hilly Haber (33) speaks with Sherry King (70) about their lives and experiences at Central Synagogue. They talk about Hilly's role as a rabbi and how they've each incorporated social justice into volunteer work.

La inmigración de Erick Feliz

Esta entrevista fue grabada por Laisha Morales y está basada en su buen amigo Erick Feliz y su inmigración a Estados Unidos. Es un hombre de 30 años que emigró muy joven para mejorar su vida.