The permission for the May 30th interview.


I did this interview with a very close aunt of mine. I did it in Spanish as it is easiest that way for her. I wanted her to understand the questions fully. I got to learn about her story from...

The Life of a Chingona: Interview with Yaya

Baleria Barrera interviews Yajaira Valdez, best friend of nearly 9 years and they revisit Yaya's childhood, family ties, and dreams. Yajaira shares vulnerability in the most beautiful way through deep stories about her parents, career, and aspirations.

Jimena & Juana – Millas aparte, recordando la unidad.

Juana (38) habla con su hija Jimena ( 16) sobre los recuerdos de su infancia. Juana(38) talks to her daughter Jimena( 16) about her childhood memories.

Asking questions that I had on my mind

Elizabeth V.(17) and Marcos V. (52) talk about some questions Elizabeth has had for her dad.

Maritza asks grandma Vicenta about her childhood.

I interviewed my grandmother Vicenta and asked her a few questions about how she grew up and her life experiences.