Interview with my Mom

This interview is private.

The Life Of A Hardworking Mother

A mother’s life is her young ones. Erika Gonzalez is a dedicated mother of 4 youngsters. Interview by her daughter Madison Holden, Erika gave some information about her kids and her life as a mother. Erika couldn’t consider anything she...


a honest insight to my mom’s past reflecting to how she raises us now

Home Away From Home

I spoke to my mom to ask her about her experiences moving frequently as a child and living in multiple countries around the world. This parlayed into a conversation about preserving cultural identity in a foreign country.

Interview with Fawn

this was for an english project and it’s me and my mom talking about random things for 15 minutes

Wierd Aimless Mom Interview

I interviewed my mom but I have no idea what we talked about. Uuuuhh

Interview With My Mom

We talked about her life with her kids and some about work.

The Twist and Turns of a Mother- Cody Leung

Cody Leung, a student at Francis Lewis High School interviews his mom, a school aid, in Flushing, New York discussing how past events have shaped her identity.